Remington declares ‘War on Squirrels’

Company posts video series depicting the battle between hunters and squirrels.

You don’t have to be a hunter to recognize the menace known as ‘squirrel’. The fluffy-tailed chatterboxes that outsmart dogs, stop traffic, and perform herculean feats to eat your birdseed can be such a nuisance that often-times neighbors and police alike turn a blind eye as you sit on your lawn with a beer and an air-rifle to defend your property against the spring horde.

For many, the yearly battle between human and rodent enacts a great cost – often with victims on both sides – but with no clear victors.

Enter Remington Arms – the company long known for quality firearms (and air-rifles) – with a way to brighten your mood, improve your odds of winning the battle, and (of course) to sell more air rifles.


You can find the entire series of videos at Remington’s website