How ‘North Dakota’ are you?

General North Dakota Outdoors Trivia

Are you a transplant to North Dakota or a Hometown Hero? Are you a historian or a slacker? Does extra-terrestrial fauna lurk on the prairie? What animal is terrorizing Fargo this winter?

Test your general North Dakota outdoor knowledge and see how well you know the Roughrider State!

Alan D. Wilson
Photo: Alan D. Wilson

What da heck is this?!?


Eek! A mouse?


What is this place?

CC3.0 Greg Hume
CC3.0 Greg Hume

This is the most common 'raptor' in North Dakota, what is it?

Photo: CC3.0 Omar David Sandoval Sida

The exploding population of what wild animal terrorized Fargo in 2015?

Jeannie Stafford USFWS
Photo: Jeannie Stafford USFWS

North Dakota is home to the only known extra-terrestrial species in America.

MuleDeer CC3.0 Yathin Krishnappa
Mule Deer Photo CC3.0 Yathin Krishnappa
Pronghorn CC3.0 Alan D. Wilson

What big-game animal is not generally seen in North Dakota?

Left: S. King USNPS. Center: Moon Saddle. Right: CC2.0 mricon.
Left: S. King USNPS.
Center: Moon Saddle.
Right: CC2.0 mricon.

Which two grouse species are currently protected from hunting in North Dakota?


What former President lived in North Dakota at various times during his life?


Nice kitty... what do people call you?