Three ways to get ‘Hunting Fit’ for next season.

It’s opening morning, it’s brisk, and you’ve made it to your stand. You quietly navigate the ladder, set your gun and pack down, and sip coffee from your thermos. You hear a noise, so you set down your coffee, load your rifle, and wait in silence for the sun to rise.

For many, this could sound like the start to a perfect hunting day. However, if you’ve let yourself go a bit towards the tail-end of the year, or if the only ‘outdoor’ time you get is hunting season, finding something else to keep you active could mean the difference between eating dinner, or scaring it away by wheezing and coughing your way out to your stand.

Getting and keeping fit is a matter of diet, exercise, and willpower – gotta do or have all three. However willpower is often difficult to sustain if what you do is more like work than recreation. If you’re not enjoying yourself, why bother?

To try to help you get ‘Hunting Fit’, ND Hunter has come up with a list of recreational activities that many find fun and exhilarating, but are maybe not as widely-known.