Debunking Hollywood Myths about Archery

Lars Andersen knows how to shoot a bow. In fact, the Danish archer has spent a decade learning and perfecting his archery style to such degree that you could call it an art form. Known as the “World’s Fastest Archer” His accuracy and speed are unparalleled, as is his historical archery knowledge.

Lars spent years researching ancient texts to learn what skills archers needed in order to serve in the military and to survive combat. He quickly realized that what Hollywood (and current archery tradition) teach us is very different – in fact what Hollywood shows us often won’t even work.

Lars then attempted to redevelop the lost art of combat archery, and his talents have become a worldwide sensation.  His Youtube videos have had millions of hits over the past couple years. Yesterday, Lars released a new video, proving once again that he knows what he’s talking about.


As you can see in the video, Lars demonstrates that current traditional archery techniques – and what we have seen in Hollywood – are very limiting. By making a few changes, archers can easily shoot faster and more accurately while walking, stalking, or otherwise moving – at all ranges.

If you have any doubts to the authenticity, you shouldn’t.  However, despite multiple videos that you can find on his Youtube channel , Lars still often hears those claims. “Many people have accused me of being fake or have theories on how there’s cheating involved” the archer said.  However, “At one of our combat archery tournaments last year, I ended up in a one-on-one duel against a friend. Every time he shot an arrow at me, I’d shoot it out of the air with one of my own. After five arrows, he just gave up in good-natured disgust. Sure, it was showing off, but it was also a lot of fun!”